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Infants to Teens

Fussy babies, bed wetting toddlers, and angry adolescents benefit from thorough diagnosis that can explain almost anything from rashes to acne.

Common ailments include asthma, allergies, nose bleeds, bruxism, emotional challenges, behavioral issues, and puberty problems.

Treatment consists of acupressure, a point locater, or infant Tui Na. Some kids want to try acupuncture and enjoy the theraputic treatment. Some kids have a fear of needles. Some adults have a fear of needles. I have a fear of needles.

My own fear of needles kindled an appreciation for top quality painless needless that are highly effective and alternatives to needles. Acupuncture is just one of many treatments. The diagnosis is most important so that regardless of the treatment, both the symptoms and etiology are addressed. Diet can have a profound impact on health and behavior. See my page on Nutrition.

Chinese nutritional herbs can be prescribed and dietary recommendations are standard. Kids enjoy this therapeutic experience because it feels more like a spa treatment.

One Hour – $55.00

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