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“I have known Dr. Jennifer for one year.  I am thoroughly impressed with her knowledge of Chinese Medicine and acupuncture.  She is accurate with her diagnoses and her skill, knowledge and bedside manner are superb.  My husband and I have both benefited from her services. I recommend that anyone with medical issues looking for permanent results take advantage of the services that she offers.” – Joanne P.

“Dr Williams is very professional and knowledgeable about Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.  I was very impress that she was able to diagnose my ailments.  But when she did the Acupuncture I could not believe how my stomach and my head was feeling so good.  I am very happy with the treatment and prescription that Dr Williams did for me.” – Douglas D.

“I was amazed at all the symptoms she gave me about myself with just looking into my eyes, examining my tongue and taking my blood pressure.  I gave her a brief health history and she was able to treat my symptoms right away with acupuncture.  She is a very friendly and down to earth person which makes it very easy to talk to.” – Hermania D.

“I have not experienced such accuracy in diagnosing ailments as I’ve experienced at The Wood Element.  Jennifer is awesome!  I was referred by my boss and it has been a rewarding.  All the issues I have been dealing with are treatable and I love the fact that by following acupuncture and simple steps I have started to feel better.  Overall the experience is great- the atmosphere is relaxing and you are able to remain calm throughout the process.  The Wood Element the practitioner is extremely congenial and well-versed in her field.” – Leanne G.

“I was very skeptical at first when my VA care provider recommended I try acupuncture since nothing else has provided me lasting relief from back pains. I’ve had chronic back and neck pains for years and have relied upon pain killers, chiropractic care, ultra sound, and physical therapy exercises to temporarily cure my injuries resulting from my paratrooper days in the Army I honorably served for over 25 years. I gave acupuncture a shot since the VA was funding my treatments. I was amazed at the results, my neck and back pains have been reduced in half and I have begun reducing daily intake use of pain killers. The most confusing part of the acupuncture treatment after two sessions for me was looking/feeling for the pain I have lived with for so long, because it wasn’t there, and my mind was having a difficult time accepting my new feeling of being almost pain free, and I was not sure what was going on since I still refused to believe it was from acupuncture.  Mrs. Williams was remarkable, not only is she a licensed Acupuncturist, but a very patient and understanding individual that did not just treat my ailments, but also educated me on what was going on in my mind and body, theory of acupuncture and Chinese medicine to help me better understand the treatments and how my body was responding. I can’t thank my VA care provider enough for recommending acupuncture and for Mrs. Williams superb acupuncture treatments. I would highly recommend recommend acupuncture treatment with Mrs. Jennifer Williams, and be careful out there! because many acupuncturist are not licensed like her, as I found out when I was canvassing acupuncturist on the internet, because many wouldn’t take the VA Insurance–if they don’t… its a sure sign that you need to look elsewhere.” – Sam S.

“My medical issues – Chronic Back Pain due to discs and nerve issues and high blood pressure.  Conventional treatment epidurals every 3 months, blood pressure medications DR encouraged exercise to include running if I could tolerate it, it would not change the out come.  Did physical therapy for months, and it hurt like H…. sometimes. On my first visit to Wood Element Acupuncture I was greeted with a smile and a cozy place to sit and fill out my medical data sheet.  (The form was clear and to the point, not overwhelming at all!)  As soon as I completed the forms Mrs Jennifer Williams appeared and greeted me. She had a overwhelming sense of calm around, and instantly set me at ease.  I have never done acupuncture before but have been looking for an different approach to my issues and wanted to find less abrasive medications ( I gained a lot of weight with my epidurals!)

Once behind closed doors Jennifer reviewed my medical information and did her evaluation.  I was amazed at other issues not mentioned on my data sheet that she inquired about also. She reviewed her course of action with me and got started!  (No I didn’t have to make another appointment to get treated! :})

I was amazed again on how quickly and painlessly she implemented her procedure!  While lying there contently, under a heat lamp with the acupuncture in place, I felt pain and tingling disappear. (I had just learned to life with the discomfort prior to meeting Jennifer and I highly appreciate and respect my Neurologist!) I felt great! I asked immediately if I could resume running! Mrs Williams advised me to take it easy until our next appointment, I did! But for the first time in a long time I tied my own shoes!

My second appointment not only addressed my first issue but targeted an other tension issue at the same time….I had a conventional Dr appointment 4 days later and they adjusted my blood pressure medication down and they where amazed on how much I lowered it. I had my bp checked weekly with walk in checks 2 week.

(I disclosed all my medications  and herbs with both the Dr and Mrs Williams!)  I started yoga for 45 mins and run/walking for 45 mins.  Very little discomfort, no pain just stiff and…a little sore :}

Lost 5 lbs.

My third visit I was back to running for 1 hr. NO PAIN,  very little soreness and felt like a million bucks!

Also on my third visit I brought my teenage daughter whom suffered from extreme cramping.  Mrs Williams explained everything to her, even starked her interest in Acupuncture and Chinese medicine.  My daughter wants to be a general practitioner, diagnostician.  She was extremely intrigued with the information Mrs Williams gave her.

My fourth visit was basically for me…was making sure everything stayed on track and refilled my herbs.  Now I am running 5 miles every other day, lost weight, cutback my medications, been cleared to start riding horse again and feel EXCELLENT! In short, LOL, Jennifer has given me a second chance to do the things I love!  She is knowledgeable of her practice, cost effective and her sense of calm will rub off on you!” – Gina and Tris B.

I went to Wood Element Acupuncture on a referral from a friend. Although I’m not knowledgeable about Traditional Chinese Medicine and hadn’t ever experienced acupuncture before, I was willing to try something new – especially since nothing else seemed to be fixing my chronic, sometimes severe neck/back pain. Primary Care MD, Physical Therapy, Chiropractors and Massage Therapy were all OK but were either not effective or would have required dozens of appointments. Nothing has compared to acupuncture with Jennifer Williams!

It amazed me when she said that relief would be immediate, and my condition would be eliminated with only a few additional appointments. Three sessions down and I feel awesome! After each one-hour treatment I am much better, and the relief lasts longer and longer each time. Compared to all the other treatments I have tried, this was faster, more effective, very reaonably priced, and has me looking forward to the fourth session- after which I will be rid of this issue. Jennifer is knowledgeable, friendly, and obviously very good at what she does. I strongly recommend!” – Andrew B.


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