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What to Expect

Improving peoples’ lives and health provides inspiration to my practice. My acupuncture technique is painless and effective. People trying acupuncture for the first time are amazed at the results. But do not expect just acupuncture.

Acupuncture is one of many treatment modalities. Unless I am treating pain, acupuncture is not the most important aspect of my practice. The focus of my practice is diagnosis.

Diagnosis is based on a thorough exam and dialogue. You can expect me to quickly make assumptions about your quality of sleep, dietary habits, and other seemingly unrelated issues that you did not mention on the brief Acupuncture Intake Form.

From my experience, seemingly unrelated issues are related and help point to the etiology. I will treat all of these issues and gauge your progress by the resolution of these issues along with the primary complaint.

After I explain my findings, I will work with you to determine a treatment plan. My goal is to repair functions and mechanisms while nourishing organs, bones, and tissue to health at the cellular level. I can work with you to get off of problematic medication, alter behaviors that contribute to unhealthy conditions, and be a life coach to inspire a happier existence.

Please bring a list of medications, eat something before your treatment, and wear loose comfortable clothing.

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